Is Albufeira Worth Visiting? Top Reasons To Visit Albufeira Portugal!

If you’re here, I guess you’re asking yourself “Is Albufeira worth visiting?” Guess what! You’re in the right place.

I’ve traveled to Albufeira multiple times and there are pros and cons of visiting Albufeira for sure. It completely depends on what kind of vacation you’re after whether Albufeira is worth visiting or not.

Personally, I love this city in the Algarve, even if I’m not into partying which is what Albufeira has gained a reputation for. So if you’re like me, and don’t party until the early morning hours anymore, don’t leave just yet.

In this post, I’ll go through the top reasons to visit Albufeira so you can decide if it’s for you or not. I’ll also summarize the pros and cons of visiting Albufeira to make it easier for you.

Read on to find out what Albufeira is like and whether it ticks your boxes or not.

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visiting Albufeira shopping street

Is Albufeira worth visiting?

So, is Albufeira worth visiting? As mentioned earlier, I love the city and there are several reasons to visit. I’ll sum up shortly here, and get deeper into the reasons why you should visit below.

This way, you don’t have to read the whole post if you already see that it’s not the right place for you. I’ve also done a comparison post of Albufeira vs. Lagos that you might like.

Pros of visiting Albufeira

  • There are plenty of water activities to do
  • The best party scene in Algarve
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Great base for day trips
  • Easy to reach from Faro Airport
  • Charming Old Town
  • Vegan friendly
  • Great shopping

Cons of visiting Albufeira

  • Large party crowd in the summer
  • Not good for surfing
  • One of the larger resort towns in the Algarve so it might lack the local charm that you find in other places
  • Very hilly old town which can be challenging for anyone with reduced mobility

Reasons to visit Albufeira

Epic beaches

One of the top reasons to visit Albufeira is the stunning beaches you can reach just by stepping out of Marbella Old Town.

Albufeira’s beaches have all the amenities you might ask for and the urban beaches are close to restaurants and bars.

A busy beach with a white village cascading down a cliff - is Albufeira worth visiting

Best party scene in Algarve

One of the reasons why Albufeira is such a popular resort town is the epic party scene. “The Strip” is the place to be, a street lined with the best nightclubs and bars for all tastes.

If you prefer a more relaxing night out, the old town is jam-packed with places to grab a drink. This is also one of the best places to stay in Albufeira to avoid the noise around The Strip while still being central enough.

Nightlife in Albufeira old town with plenty of people in restaurants and bars - among the reasons to visit Albufeira Portugal.

Loads of activities

Albufeira is one of the best places to be if you enjoy different water activities. From kayaking in Albufeira to parasailing after a boat and jet skiing, there’s no way you’ll get bored if you’re an adrenaline junky.

There are also fun activities on land like buggy trips or you can head out on an Algarve wine tour to taste the local wines at a winery.

Couple parasailing after a boat - why visit Albufeira Portugal.

Great base for day trips

There are so many epic day trips from Albufeira that you can take to some of the most beautiful towns in Algarve like Tavira and Carvoeiro.

But also excursions to natural places like Benagil Cave and Ria Formosa Natural Park. From Albufeira, you can easily take public transport or join a tour which can be more complicated if you stay in smaller places on the Algarve.

Easy to reach from Faro Airport

Getting from Faro Airport to Albufeira is easy, which makes it a natural place to go when arriving in the Algarve.

Whether you prefer taking the bus or the train or taking a private transfer you’ll easily get there. It’s a 35-minute drive by car, so I actually find it super easy to take a private transfer.

Is Albufeira Portugal worth visiting - Faro train station waiting for the train to Albufeira.

Vegan-friendly restaurants

I find Albufeira quite vegan-friendly with several restaurants offering vegan food on the menu. The fact that they have several international restaurants is also a plus as they tend to have more naturally vegan dishes.

Among my favorites is Veggie Momi which is a fully vegan and eco-friendly establishment (and has amazing Pastel de Nata!) They do close randomly when the owner attends vegan protests etc. but if you catch it open, you won’t regret visiting!

Great shopping

Shopping in Albufeira is epic with plenty of handicraft shops in the old town where you can find handmade goods like Portuguese tilework and ceramics. Make sure you don’t miss out on the shopping in Avenida da Liberdade.

But there are also shopping malls where you can enjoy air-conditioned shops in summer and stay dry on rainy days. Algarve Shopping Center is the largest shopping mall where you can find plenty of clothes stores and other shops.

Every first and third Tuesday of the month, the vibrant gypsy market in Albufeira takes place by the marina. There, you’ll find anything from olives to ceramics and aromatic candles.

Algarve shopping

It isn’t dead in winter

While Albufeira in winter surely has a more tranquil ambiance than in the busy summer months, it’s still not a dead destination.

In fact, I quite like it in winter, it’s usually nice weather, empty beaches, and restaurants and cafés are still open so you can enjoy food in the sun.

That said, some of the restaurants might be closed in parts of the winter, but not in a way that the city feels empty.

It’s a great time of the year to explore the old town, go shopping, and visit museums.

The verdict: Is Albufeira Portugal worth visiting?

Summing up if Albufeira Portugal is worth visiting, I’d say absolutely, if you enjoy water sports, easy access to activities, and easy access to the rest of the Algarve by public transport.

It’s also for you if you enjoy a lively party scene, epic shopping, and relaxing beaches.

However, if you’re in the Algarve for surfing or to relax in a small fisherman’s town, I’d rather look into other destinations like Lagos or Alvor.

Happy travels!